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November 23, 2008


J. Lynne

I've been an Obama skeptic since this time last year. Now that he's the President-elect, I'm both hopeful and wary. However, I don't understand the daily reports about what he's up to, who he might pick next for his cabinet, what kind of dog he might get, where the family might go to church, whether the mother-in-law will live with them, etc.

He's not Brad Pitt and they aren't the royal family. He isn't even President yet and already everyone is looking to him to solve the nation's and even the world's problems. Some days I think people must think he is a cross between The Beatles, Dumbledore, and JFK.


If something is broken, you need to find people who know how it works and how to fix it. Therefore it is perfectly logical to select experienced Washingtonians to clean up W's mess. If after a couple of years we do not see a complete overhaul of the system then it is time to bitch. I for one would not want the Moulitas & Aravosis people anywhere near DC.


An article you might be interested in

Cliff, no one is suggesting that Markos be made Secretary of Defense. But it would be nice not to put the same people in charge who caused the mess. The right has been dead wrong about how to deal with terrorism and how to build a strong economy. Larry Summers, for example, has issued some modest mea culpas about his extreme neoliberalism, but the fact is that he was on the wrong side of the issue. I would much rather see Bob Reich, who has served in Washington, or even Bob Kuttner, who has not, making decisions that will affect potentially millions of auto industry jobs.

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