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November 09, 2008



This a blatant underhanded effort to intimidate and muzzle Sarah Palin by Obama's fascist thugs. I am confident that this will backfire and Governor Palin will continue to speak out frequently and even more forcefully against the Obama regime, and that her message will resonate with ever larger numbers of patriotic Americans.

Teh Nutroots


You would the reasons Palin needs to step up and retract her lies.

If you think Obama is a fascist, you either don't know any history or---like your heroine--are deliberately distorting the facts.

I suspect a combination of both.

No one will "muzzle" Palin. If she's a decent person, she will want to do the right thing. And I am confident---since she has political ambitions---that she will.

She will acknowledge that she was exaggerating and twisting the facts. And people like you will talk yourself into believing she was "muzzled" or forced to do the right thing.

So it won't do any good---which is why it was so wrong of her to do it in the first place.

Finally, you silly person, it was a BRITISH CONSERVATIVE paper that broke the story---one that hasn't been extremely friendly to Obama. Obama and his people couldn't have had anything to do with it.

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