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November 05, 2008


James Stripes

I watched the election coverage on CBS. At exactly 8:00pm, when the polls closed in the Pacific Time Zone, they called California, Oregon, Hawaii, and Washington for Obama. It was less a problem than it has been in the past. Here in Washington state, the two most populous counties--King and Pierce (Seattle and Tacoma and suburbs between) had polling places. The rest of the state has become 100% mail-in. I voted Sunday; my spouse voted last week.

I've been angry about this tendency to call things early in previous years. It has gotten better, but it remains a problem.

Deb Cupples

Hi James,

ABC proudly announced in advance that it would call the elections early.

Me, I don't care if a prediction turns out to be right: I just think that it is wrong to prematurely call elections, because the predictions CAN affect voter turnout in Central and Western states.

James Stripes

I agree. It is wrong to call elections while polls are still open, although I'm almost tolerant of doing so when they are only open in Alaska and Hawaii.

That seems reason enough not to watch ABC. But, Katie Couric called the West Coast at exactly 8:00pm PST.

Such mistreatment is something we grow accustomed to on the West Coast. Sometimes it seems to affect football rankings, too. But, if USC cannot win, it's their problem.

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