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October 18, 2008


Close Observer

And somehow that is worse than Obama's former membership in the socialist New Party of Illinois?

Gee, call me crazy but I sorta think a spouse's weakly tied affiliation with a group that simply wanted to be left alone is not quite as bad as the actual nominee's membership in a group that wants to destroy America.

What is it about the left's love for socialism (hence the minimizing) that you're untroubled by Obama's affinity to an ideology that has a more murderous track record than Nazism? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Close Observer

There's an additional irony in your post: that you find such comfort and reinforcement for your viewpoint in the former advisers to President George W. Bush. In other words: You think like them!

Tell me what I'm missing. Old narrative: Bush is a brainless puppet who was controlled by his ill-intended advisers created this mess (war & economy) from which only Obama can save us.

New narrative: Bush advisers are brilliant thinkers who have correctly assessed the mental capacity of Alaska's governor, though they've never met her themselves.

Seriously, how many Exederin's do you take after each post.


The New Party story is yet another fiction, Close Observer.

You know, that's the reason that Americans are turning against the McCain campaign. The lies are just starting to stink up the joint.

Thanks for the links to The Poor Man, Nutroots. I passed those on. People need to see the mental illness that calls itself the Republican Party.

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