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October 26, 2008


Close Observer

Sorry, much of earmark funding deserves to be mocked. You're simply regurgitating the same misogynistic blather we've come to expect from MSNBC. Good job.

Oh, and finally SNL has done a skit of appropriate satire:


Whereas you're making the misogynistic mistake of assuming that all women are Sarah Palin and that no woman can EVER be attacked for her views.

That is nonsense and is the opposite of what real feminists want. She's not some delicate little hothouse orchid that no one can breathe on. She's a hard-bitten politician who has put herself out there. Since she gets SO MANY THINGS WRONG, there's nothing "misogynistic" about pointing this out. And there's nothing anti-feminist about doing everything possible to prevent Palin from being elected.

But don't mind me. I love listening to right-wingers go on about feminism...!


Criticizing the earmark process is perfectly reasonable. It makes sense to fund everything through an open budget process, as oppose to earmarks. But these studies SHOULD be funded.

Cherry-picking genetic studies, in particular studies involving Drosophila, as the exemplar of bad earmarks, just reveals her ignorance. Studies like this are the foundation of modern biological research. And of course, it's awfully hypocritical given how many federal earmarks she went after when she was a mayor and governor in Alaska.

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