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October 06, 2008



Talk about the POT calling the kettle black.

Obama has a judgment issue he doesn't want to talk about so you go after McCain with a million words that can be summed up in two word - Poor judgement.

Now that we know both Obama and McCain are capable of poor judgement - who has the most to lose?

Obama is unwilling to even talk about his poor judgement including Revko, Wright, Ayers etc. I wouldn't vote for a guy with Obamas track record because it would be like buying a used car with no lemon law you will most likely end up with a POS and this country doesn't need another POS in the White House.

Eric Dondero

Funny how you completely ignore Sarah Palin's ties to the Libertarian Party of Alaska which are much stronger and more recent than her ties to the AIP.

A little bias against Libertarians perhaps?


Jeez, McCain and Keating robbed the country, and some people want to say that's worse than going to a church where the pastor is angry about racism, or knowing a guy who back in prehistory belonged to a group that did stupid things, or even Rezko?

No. What the Keating Five scandal was about was stealing large amounts of money from the American people and ruining many savings and loan institutions. McCain didn't just know someone who did that, he helped hmi do it - and he's been helping other people do it ever since. He's not merely someone who made an error in the past, he's someone with a consistent record of treasonous participation in the greatest heist in history.


None of your pro O people bring up John Glenn.

Is Obama against what the Keating Five represents or is he just blowing his usual smoke.

Deb Cupples (Buck Naked Politics)


I don't understand your comment (though I didn't write this blog post).

I've been aware of the Keating-5 since I researched the Savings and Loan Scandal years ago. It's a fact of history.

What McCain did was corrupt as hell -- whether or not a Democrat had done something else that was equally bad.

What is the LOGIC behind excusing one person's conduct because someone else in the world did something worse?

That's like saying "We should free all the rapists from prison, because some other prisoners had committed murder."

Deb Cupples (Buck Naked Politics)

Hi Danny,

You know that I'm reluctantly voting for Obama. And I agree with you that both Obama and McCain have shown questionable judgment.

Still, it is unfair to say "Obama is unwilling to even talk about his poor judgment including Revko, Wright, Ayers etc."

Obama DID acknowledge his poor judgment. Re: Rezko, he said that he'd been "bone-headed." RE; Wright: he cut ties. Re: Ayres, he also expressed disapproval for the conduct of 40 years ago (who wouldn't disapprove, right?)

Similarly, McCain has -- in the past -- acknowledged his Keating-5 error (though, now he seems to claim that it was all just a smear).

I'd say that both candidates are in similar positions of having made some bad decisions and acknowledged them.

Note: I'm NOT trying to persuade you to vote for Obama. The Nov. 4 choice is one that each of us has to make for herself.




You have been in the kool-aid again. Thats a shame because you once had some integrity to post by. Now you question anyone who doesn't buy the kool-aid Obama has to sell.

McCain and Glenn were exonerated not even playing a part in any criminal acts or otherwise but you said above " I've been aware of the Keating-5 since I researched the Savings and Loan Scandal years ago. It's a fact of history.

What McCain did was corrupt as hell -- whether or not a Democrat had done something else that was equally bad."

If you researched anything at all you would know that McCain sat in on some meetings and was only said to have had poor judgement whatever that means. NOTHING I GATHER! So its funny how Obamamites want to talk about poor judgement but they don't want see that Obama and his gang of thugs are guilty of all sorts of crimes. Take a look at that money trail again you were rolling out when Hillary was still in the race. Hillary is really hurting her cred for this asshole too. Don't do it. Look in the mirror and find yourself again. Obama is bad news and not in a good way.

Teh Nutroots

Danny, don't come to our site and insult our posters. Give your opinion of the piece---fine. Withhold the personal attacks.

Deb Cupples (Buck Naked Politics)

HI Danny,

It's OK that you think I drank kool-aid, though I disagree. Kool-aid Drinkers are infatuated with Obama and think he can do no wrong.

I've repeatedly stated that I'm NOT an avid Obama supporter, I just think he's a better bet than McCain due to how I think each would exercise veto power.

About Keating 5: YOU ARE RIGHT in the sense that there's not enough proof to convict McCain in court of having tried to influence regulators on Charles Keating's behalf.

But I'm NOT in a court of law.

I can't help but see corruption when I see a politician EVEN TRY to persuade regulators to not take action against a crook who's tied to the politician's family (personally and financially).

McCain reportedly ADMITTED in his book that he'd regretted his poor judgment re: Keating.

That's euphemistic politician-speak for "I did something wrong."

Only now is McCain reversing himself and basically saying that there's nothing to regret, because it was all a fake smear.

Personally, I don't buy it, although you're welcome to.

Admittedly, If I were on a jury trying McCain over this, I would NOT convict unless someone produced taped conversations or written evidence.

Van Sales

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