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October 05, 2008


Peggy McGilligan

Talk about a learning curve, all hopes rest on Governor Palin at the Vice Presidential Debate, no thanks to Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson. Ms. Palin knocks it out of the ballpark; again. There’s an observation I'd like to make about Democrats though. A faux pas they commit with increased regularity. Now if you don't like Bozo the clown, if you feel that he’s a particularly bad clown and bad for the country, why then don a Bozo wig, a pair of size 14 shoes, and a rubber nose whenever denouncing Bozo?

If there’s an official uniform of the president, it's the pastel blue tie, white shirt, and dark suit first popularized by George W. Bush. The color scheme comes from the presidential flag. No other American president made those colors his distinctive style before George W. Bush. In 2004, Bill Clinton even had his presidential portrait painted wearing George W's signature garb. Although the 1960 Kennedy vs. Nixon debate was televised in black & white, people still argue the significance dark blue vs. grey played during the election.

But there remains no ambiguity about which candidate wore what color (Kennedy, blue). Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And, the fashion police have long memories. Ms. Palin dressed for and aced the debate. Note: before castigating Bozo, please try not to emulate Bozo. It makes one look like a Bozo. Unlike foppish Al Gore, Joe Biden and others, we must not allow our inner bozos to dictate our thoughts and actions, much less our mode of dress:

Deb Cupples (Buck Naked Politics)


I think that Gov. Palin "knocked the ball out of the park" 1) only in terms of delivery style (as opposed to substance); and 2) partly because the public's expectations were so low, PRECISELY because of how badly Palin performed with Charlie and Katie.

On the other hand, I think Gov. Palin's black suit was the perfect choice.

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