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October 10, 2008


Close Observer

Yeah that's right! We can only deal with one issue at a time! If libs say X matters but Y doesn't, then we must accept the wisdom of authority!

And why is it we know more about Todd Palin than we do about Barack "Tell me what to say, Axelrod" Obama? Isn't it odd that the New York Times runs more front page stories about Palin's alleged associations than it does about Obama's admitted associations?

Finally, we've got the question wrong. It's not, What did Obama see in Ayers et al? The correct question is, What did Ayers the Proud Terrorist see in Obama?

To answer that is to understand why some people so hysterically say - "Don't talk about Y; we can only talk about X!!!"


These guys couldn't touch sane with a 700 mile long, $700 billion pole. Their rallies are filled with fellow loons. Their platform was constructed by drunken, minimum wage elves from middle earth. Who is going to call them on this crap? I know you are and I salute you - I am doing the same as well, but the silent masses of semi-sane people have to say ENOUGH!
(Hopefully they will get crushed come election day - but they really need to be called out now!)


Obama is a lefty and a Progressive, he just doesn't campaign as one. As a former Progressive, I know one when I see one. But it's clear that Obama has triangulated his campaign right as soon as it was clear he had beaten Edwards and Kucinich.

Deb Cupples (Buck Naked Politics)

HI cobb,

I disagree that Obama is a true progressive. I'M a true progressive, and he hasn't been progressive enough for me.

I'm still voting for him, because I think he's a better bet for McCain on certain issues.

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