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October 18, 2008


Close Observer

This is all a figment of our imaginations. As the left assured us in comforting condescending tones just three short months ago, PEAK OIL IS REAL AND HERE TO STAY! The supply curve has flattened and is moving toward steady decline! Gas prices will NEVER drop below $4.00 per barrel again! Time to go European and take the bus!

Funny that to maintain this hopeful fiction, the Left has to ally itself with Middle Eastern petro-thugs and corrupt institutions like OPEC.


CLOSE OBSERVER: I don't know what member of "the Left" you are thinking of, but I never said anything of the kind. Nor did I think it. Nothing surprises me less than the sudden drop in prices, since we saw the same thing in the Bush-Kerry election in 2004.

You're welcome to comment, but please observe that this IS a progressive blog, written by progressives. We don't share your premises and are unlikely ever to draw the same conclusions.


Close Observer is just another self-deluded soul who Just Doesn't Get It.

Peak oil IS here, and here to stay. Sorry to those who failed science and math, but finite resources do have limits!

But that doesn't mean the market will always be predictable. What unschooled sorts like CO don't understand is that there is an overall trend encompassing myriad ups and downs. If anything, the behavior mode is fractal rather than perfectly inclined or steady-state. One need only bail out of the world of rhetoric and examine actual d-a-t-a (what a concept!) to recognize this.

We're seeing just another strategic dip in the sawtooth. That blip has not impacted the larger scenario. We're closing in on the day when oil will cost much more to extract and refine than it is worth. Then we'll look back at $4.00 per gallon gas with fondness, and people like CO will have to shout their continued denial at a much smaller audience.

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