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October 31, 2008



I can hardly remember an election when I've waited so long to decide on my choice for President. One week from today, I'll cast my vote for Sen. McCain, and here's why:

1. MCCAIN SEEKS TO LIMIT ABORTION - Sen. Obama's position may be called the "audacity of hopelessness." He is out of step with his own running mate, Joe Biden, who in 2003 with 63 other senators voted to ban the practice of partial birth abortion. Under a President Obama, a Federal Freedom of Choice Act would increase the number of abortions performed annually, defying the "safe, legal, and rare" rhetoric that is often heard by abortion's proponents. On the other hand, Sen. McCain has consistently voted to protect the unborn, the right to life prerequisite to all other rights that we enjoy in this country.

2. MCCAIN FAVORS CUTS IN MILITARY SPENDING - He has been very clear that we don't need new weapons systems that cost billions, and would cut them from the bloated Pentagon defense budget. That money can be used elsewhere, perhaps to expand peaceful programs that are working, such as PEPFAR, the U.S. initiative against the spread of AIDS in Africa.

3. MCCAIN IS CORRECT ON IMMIGRATION AND GLOBAL WARMING. He seeks a path to citizenship for those who are living in the U.S. illegally, and wants to tighten border control. Also, he acknowledges the need for "Creation Care," that we must take care of this earth, as God's stewards, and this includes keeping the thermostat in-check.

4. MCCAIN WOULD MAKE THE GOVERNMENT LIVE WITHIN ITS MEANS. There is a huge disconnect between the average American who must carefully budget and Washington, that spends like there's no tomorrow. We need a Dave Ramsey approach to federal spending! McCain has the record to show he'd stand-up to wasteful spending.

On these four issues, Sen. McCain is dead-on. Together, they tip my vote in his direction.


Interesting. McCain would make government live within his means except that he's voted for the biggest expansion of government since FDR. McCain is the ideal candidate of low information voters who don't mind large amounts of hypocrisy or the risk of a completely incompetent vice president suddenly becoming a completely incompetent president.

DC: I haven't seen any news about Barbara West on BNP. Surely her eruption at Biden didn't play well even in Florida?

Deb Cupples (Buck Naked Politics)

Hi Charles,

I took multiple days off blogging due to death of family friend. Coming back to it, I can't help but be more interested in our economy and related issues than on campaign theater.

Because YOU suggested it, however, I'll go look into the West-Biden thing.


Charles: Our sister blog has it covered; I just forgot to link to it. See:


I ask this:
How many doctors make $16 million in a year? I would consider someone who is performing heart surgery on me MUCH more valuable and worth such 8 figure salaries as those received by these CEOs.

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