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October 09, 2008


John McCain (Ret.)

And this is my plan, my friends, and we are all Americans, my friends; my friends are all American friends of Americans. But, look -- I've served bluh bluh and take the principle of homeowners' denooberation, with rink back bluh bluh and eye of Newt, my frinds, and I have a proven bluh bluh bluh, my friends. It's simple. All Americans can understand, and those that don't are friends of Bill Ayres, my friends.

And That One, over there, will impose mandates -- mandates, my friends. That's unbelievable in America, my friends. I want to give every American my friends, because why not? Don't we cross state lines to get something? Don't we cross state lines with young girls in America? Do the math. I'm nervous, my friends, and Americans understand that, but they're certainly nervous Americans, even if their fundamentals are strong. If you add $5,000 to what's left over, ninety-five per cent of my friends will be covered, with hair transplants like the one I need, my friends.

Uh, Bobo; what was the question?

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