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September 12, 2008



The women of the view think they are God.They sweet talked Obama but bashed Mc Cain. There is no fair balance here.Guess they dont like fair and balanced...HIPOCRITS!!! Barbara needs to retire (The old bitty). After that book she wrote tells me she is loosing it...Joy needs to get a life (The big mouth Biatch). Woopie well she is black so cant blame her for thinking Obama is Mr. Wonderful. Those three think there sh-- dont stink....Elizabeth is the only one who has a brain and they bash her. She is the most caring likeable one out of all of them. I used to watch everyday but never anymore its turned into an old ladys gab session...Get out your knitting needles ladies and make yourselves a sweater while your mouths are flapping. Elizabeth your too good for them why dont you go to Fox they will treat you right...Isnt it about time the show was off the air and make room for something better..

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