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September 30, 2008



Hi Damozel!
You may remember me.
We had an exchange, where I cited CNN interview which contained the famous "I invented the internet" comment by Gore.
Anyway, I just thought I'd chime in this time and tell you that on this, we have the same goal.
Whether you choose to put the blame where it really belongs, or not.
(and obviously, you don't)
My desire is that you use all of your influence to make sure this bail-out never happens.
Of course it will have consequences of which you are totally unaware, but on the other side of this alleged crisis, there will be massive economic growth.
Not only that, you will also see the socialist's goal of redistribution of the wealth come to fruition in a very different way than they ever intended.
What you will have is a large number of average, every-day Americans, who toiled their way into modest financial independence...people who don't live or die by their ability to make the next payment on their over-extended credit...with an opportunity to aquire assets at cut-rate prices.
There are many people, like me..who have chosen to invest in plans of their own creation, rather than in some firm managed by some twerp you never even meet.
This is an opportunity for those who have chosen wisely.
But, don't fool yourself. This was brought about as a result of the Community Reinvestment Act. It's true that the GLB act didn't help.
But it's also true that the only legislation ever proposed to deal with Fannie and Freddie was brought up by republicans, and killed by democrats.
It's a fact. And I'll prove it, if you insist.
But, I hope we can make this a friendly encounter.
After all, we do have the same goal in this instance, even if it's for different reasons.

You look pretty hot in your photo, there.

I'm pretty studly, myself.

Here's a profile shot

That's my real hair, BTW

heh heh

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