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« Jon Stewart: Bush Beside Himself (A Comparison of Bush's "Imminent Economic Meltdown" Speech to his 2003 "Imminent Danger from Iraq" War Speech) | Main | Sarah Palin Trainwreck Beginning to Alarm the McCain Team »

September 26, 2008



When I heard the bailout comments, my first thought was that poor miss teen South Carolina babbling about AIDS in Africa.

When Palin was first named to the ticket, the comparisons were made to Quale. The better comparison was always Spiro Agnew - an inexperienced governor with a history of corruption. But now, the best analogy appears to be James Stockdale, at least insofar as she is a trainwreck when unscripted.


Todd Palin says it best when describing Sarah Palin's qualifications for being mayor in this Youtube video that was taken by a younger Bristol Palin right after Sarah Palin won the mayoral election in Wasilla - "Miss Whale Blubber 1996 is now the mayor!" and "You tell me honey, how does a woman go from hunting moose? She's a moosehunter honey, your Mama's a moosehunter, you know that honey. ... City Council, yes ... but mayor???"

See for yourself:

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