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September 06, 2008



I love unbiased reporting! Or as you would say, "stripping off the gloss" reporting.
Interesting enough, Ms. Cupples accuses Bush of stretching the truth of "too many things to list here" that she didn't mention one.
She accuses Palin and Bush, once again no name mentioned for Bush's quesionable party, of "Running with a questionable crowd". Of course she fails to mention the best example, which would be Hillary Clinton running with Bill Clinton... or vice versa.
And of course her references include the "unbiased" Crooks and Liars, who are enamored with Hillary Clinton... whose house is decorated with the best the White House HAD to offer, and who mistook a kind little girl in Afghanistan with an all out attack! Take cover!
My question is, does Ms. Cupples actually believe that Americans are so simple minded?

Deb Cupples (Buck Naked Politics)

Hi Michael,

You're right: it would have been nice if I'd listed some of Bush's truth-stretchings. Below are just the first 7 that came to mind:

1) Iraq had something to do with 9/aa

2) Hussein had loads of WMDs back in 2002-03

3) "mission accomplished" (May 2003)

4) Louisiana's governor didn't ask for federal help re: Hurricane Katrina (I saw the letter, which was on the White House's website in 2005)

5) the U.S. Attorneys were fired for performance-based reasons (they all had good evaluations)

6) The White House LATER claimed that it had never said #5 (I saw video clips of BOTH statements)

7) The U.S. doesn't engage in torture (a federal offense).

Those are some pretty big truth-stretchings, wouldn't you say?

True enough, it's usually the White House press secretary who actually verbalizes the misleading statements (e.g., Tony Snow said #5 and #6).

BUT the buck stops with the president, given that press secretaries speak for the president (when they're on duty, of course).

As for the Clintons, I don't grasp why you even mentioned them. My blog post had nothing to do with them: it is about Palin and Bush.

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