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September 04, 2008



I think she means personal narratives - i.e. politics based on embracing the character and story of one leader over another. In which case, she's still demonstrably wrong.

How else do you explain the oft-cited argument in 2000 that people would rather have a beer with GWB than Gore?

How else do you explain Vietnam-avoiding Bush being cast as the noble warrior in 2004, while decorated Vietnam war hero John Kerry became a coward?

How else do you explain the intense focus throughout the general election campaign on McCain's war record, and on Obama supposed lack of patriotism?

Personal narratives ARE the Republican's thing. They might fail this year, but it won't be because they're bad at narratives.

Deb Cupples


I agree. Personal narratives ARE the Rs' game. So is (false) story telling in general.

Scottsdale Bubbe

Deja vu, indeed! Phony personal narratives and lying are the R's game. Making a strength a weakness (ours) is the R's game. Making a weakness a strength (theirs) is the R's game. These people are dangerous. And they are liars. I don't understand why people don't understand that facts from Dems are not going to be enough in this campaign. Obama and his surrogates must start calling out the R's lying (think Hitler's big lie). And point out how dangerous for the country it is. The Dems must continually characterize the R's as liars and dangerous. A little well targeted anger wouldn't be amiss, either. Otherwise, the drama is all on the R's side.

And have you noticed the timing of the "on our way to victory in Iraq I told you the surge would work"?? It's a bit too convenient and another deja vu reminiscent of the timing of the release of the American hostages from Iran just as Reagan was taking office?

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