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September 23, 2008


Peggy McGilligan

When Bill Clinton loosened banking regulations in California, he was able to lend $8-billion for "community loans.” Of course, this money and much more would never get paid back. It was a blank check. Undoing regulations sets a precedent, as does "comping" real estate. With the influx of capital, houses overvalued at $125,000 became valued at $525,000. The only way to afford was through "creative financing.” When these schemes fell through, as they invariably will whenever 30-million Mexican nationals buy inflated properties in another country and default, it left bankers around the world in the lurch (see global, or new economy). Never mind that the aforementioned demographic is the new face of the Democratic Party; Congress simply cannot determine the worth of the financial instruments, because of the rampant “creativity” and subsequent artificial prices. So, it should be a $90-billion dollar bailout at best. But if you want to thank someone, thank Hillary Clinton. She knew all along who’d get the bogus loans; she knew whose votes she’d need:

Deb Cupples (Buck Naked Politics)


Thanks for the info. How do you arrive at the $90 billion figure?

Did CA houses become overvalued (e.g., at $525K) because the influx of capital created a seller's market and encouraged speculation?

How is it that Hillary is at fault for the $700+ billion plan that the Bush Admin. proposed?



"How is it that Hillary is at fault for the $700+ billion plan that the Bush Admin. proposed?"

True, it wasn't Hillary's bailout plan, but I think her main point was how we got into this mess.

Simply blaming "Walls Street fat cats" is not really the at root of this problem.


Nothing For Nobody!


Nothing For Nobody!

Deb Cupples (Buck Naked Politics)


I suspect that the consequences of not devoting some funds to this problem would be tremendous -- but I don't know whether $700 billion (or even $350 billiion) is a fair figure.

Apparently, Treasury officials and the Bush Administration don't know either: they've admitted to guessing the price tag.


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