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September 08, 2008



Perhaps she learned something of value from her errors. The Wall Street Journal managed to find a positive spin for the last two paragraphs.

Thanks for keeping good quality going at Buck Naked Politics.

Guy Blaise

George Bush was elected by his people twice. The result is this chaotic situation. Now electing McCain/Palin will be another mistake-a continuation of the same politics. America, you have your destiny in your hands.
Stop blaming George Bush and take responsibilities for your actions. As the Yakomas of Central African Republic say,"It's not weeds that choke out the grain, it's the negligence of the farmer."

Deb Cupples


You're right: she might have learned something of value.

As for the WSJ, well, I've seen it spin stuff before.

Deb Cupples


Are you familiar with the nationwide problems with touchscreen voting machines during election 2004?


More fundamentally: we're talking about someone who is still refusing to do live interviews, and only recently agreed to a celebrity-style puff interview from Charlie Gibson. We're talking about someone who found out about the surge by watching the news. We're talking about someone who recently revealed a fundamental lack of understanding of how the housing market works.

She's critically uninformed about major issues. We can talk all day about her scandals and mistakes, but at the end of the day, the bottom line is that she doesn't have any policy positions because she doesn't know enough.

She was picked for optics and other political reasons. She's unqualified. End of story.

Deb Cupples


My post doesn't talk about Palin's celebrity appeal, it doesn't talk about her "scandals," and it doesn't argue that she's competent.

Quite the opposite.


True; I was just using your post as a springboard for a parallel rant about Palin's lack of competence.

Deb Cupples (Buck Naked Politics)

Hi Adam,

And that "parallel rant" would have stood alone as a solid blog post (with a link or two added).

Not so subtle hint, I know. :)

I just like your writing.

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That said, why Sen. John McCain picked as his running mate a person who has demonstrated questionable competence in her past?

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