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September 03, 2008


David Gerard

Leave Sarah alone, you bastards!

Deb Cupples

Mr. Gerard,

How could anyone refuse such a polite request?


In spite of the great success with her speech, yesterday, I can't entirely rid myself of the suspicion that she was brought in so quickly to 1) resign her nomination after being a major "victim of the attack media" ... sort of like a Harriet Myers situation but very much on crack, so that someone else whom they planned all along to nominate can step in and seem a true moderate by contrast (Huckabee? He's more likable to moderates, he's more qualified, yet he's also a clergyman, which had to have been a problem with G.O.P. strategists for a V.P. nomination regarding Huckabee) and 2) openly escalate the "culture war" divisions in America with this speech last night, and more to come, which would be further heightened by her having to quit the race, and thereby still energizing that "God-fearing base" that all the experts, until last night, were claiming would stay home on Election Day.

If this scenario seems too weird to anyone, just think about how things looked last week in contrast to late last night, and think how very non-plussed and truly amazed many commentators are at this sudden "new presence on the Right" and all of that. Really extraordinary. The entire thing does feel like Karl Rove hasn't been in any sort of retirement mode, at all.

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