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August 19, 2008


rocky H.

POLITICAL POLICY TIP:John McCain has a hidden agenda he's planing to reinstate the selective service (the draft) do your homework before you vote. Think about your children,niece,nephew and grandchildren being force to go to war,or going to canada to dodge the military. My reference is a town hall meeting during the Q&A session aug.20th 2008. A lady ask if you are going to follow Bin Laiden to the gates of hell,our military is stretch too thin you will have to bring back the Draft. He agreed with her saying (and I quote) Miss I agree with you 100% on that Idea. I went to his website he is planing to beef up the military to a massive number without mentioning the word draft. MSNBC interviewed a retired military high officer and he said he believe thats his hidden plan.Here is a senator that was on trail on corruption with the Keating 5 with 4 other senators they all accept over $100,000 to defraud the Lincoln bank . There is a book coming out in Oct. 2008 titled John McCain Cover Up ,this is dealing with Jack Abramoff which is in jail for stealing money from the native american's land lease's money. J.McCain fail to bring out all the evidence to protect other fellow republican from being expose. I Don't Trust Him ,go back and check out that transcript or video of aug.20 2008 and think about the govt. forcing men and women to join his plan wars for Iran and Russia and so on, Just like G. Bush and McCain one month after 9/11 instead of going to Afganitan after Bin Laiden they had a pre-plan agenda to take over another country.J. McCain is a neocon(love to flex his military might)and is still is pissoff with the loss in the vietnam war .The Iroc invasion was plan before 9/11,the twin tower just gave the neocon's a reason to go after S. Hussain .Do your own research and Spread the WORD.

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