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August 21, 2008



I'm going to laugh and laugh and laugh if Obama picks Biden. That is the pick I've been hoping for, because it won't do anything for him other than make him look weaker than he already is.

Dumb ass Democrats.


and by the way - Obama running as an outsider. That's rich since he has flip flopped on every issue to be the insider since the RBC stole the presumptive nominee for him.


I just did a little experiment using Google Trends: a comparison of the Google popularity through time of the VP candidates: Word Face-Off blog ( Biden came out on top, for what it's worth.


Well, that gives us a sense of who's got the biggest buzz... that and 2 bucks gets you a cup of coffee. ;)

I'm pretty sure the Clark peak there is based on the time he said McCain hasn't commanded anything.

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