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August 16, 2008


Don McLeod

The separation of Church and State is clearly hidden here.

It has been said that the church needs sinners to whom to minister and therefor the church and state need each other!

This is one small voice from Canada who says that the Change which is so seriously needed in the U.S. can not be introduced this early into the Presidential Aspirant's Platform, or the votes won't come in to elect the Advocate of Change and the 'platform' is of absolutely no value unless the voters award him the Presidency.
In my opinion, this is why the platforms of both of the hopefuls contain such unsound extravagant benefits knowing the depleted condition of the U.S. treasury and financial conditions all around. Voters must be stupid to expect and believe these promises of pie in the sky.
My suggested reading is contained in the August 18th, 2008 edition of BusinessWeek magazine. (Monies paid to CEOs, if returned would restore the economy, in my opinion, but it is not likely to happen!)
Since Church and State have been mentioned in the same breath, I feel permitted to say, that a Holy Spirit, God Sent Revival would take care of everyone's needs but would not satisfy the greedy, so we must forget it.

Have a beauty day, Eh!

Don McLeod

Don McLeod

I very much appreciate having been invited to join the Grasroots Finance Committee, but though my father was born in the United States on the fourth of July and was brought into the world by a doctor still dressed as Uncle Sam because they had to get him out of the parade; his parents and grand-parents were all born in the U.S., however I was born in Canada and do not meet the donor requirements to be an American citizen.
I must restrict my donation to 'hollering support' from 'Up North'.
God Bless, Eh,
Don McLeod

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