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August 08, 2008



The raw numbers don't mean much to me in and of themselves. What makes McCain's contributions so galling IMO are two things:

1) The fairly blatant circumvention of campaign finance law - laws which, ironically, McCain had a hand in creating. The story about the low-level employees making huge contributions is pretty damning, as is the one about the guy who was "bundling" $2300 contributions from auto mechanics.

2) The obvious cause-effect relation in the timing of contributions. McCain got a big flood of oil money both immediately before and immediately after his announcement about offshore drilling. It's like the mouse hitting the button for a feeder pellet.

Deb Cupples


This is a very narrow post.

I wrote about oil $ in this piece. Period. McCain got 3 times more from the industry overall (I'm guessing that includes retailers and refiners but am not sure), and Obama got a bit more from three big COMPANIES with interests in energy policy.

I also pointed out the irony of the DNC's connecting McCain to Exxon, a company whose employees gave a bit more to Obama than to McCain. The DNC should have done its research.

There's nothing more to my post.

I see that you DIDN'T comment on my earlier piece with the table of 10 industries and how much each candidate has received from them.

I'd like to know what you think about that, because it's a bit bigger of a picture -- given that other industries also might seek to buy public policies that hurt the public (Pharma, Real Estate, Gambling, Hedge Funds/Private Equity...).

Remember, the small, folksy donor is NOT included in the data I present in the tables, because donors who give less than $200 don't get labeled by the FEC.

I'll be putting up more tables in the next couple of days.

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