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August 13, 2008



If she is so smart and selfless, why is Bill running off his mouth and doing his best to damn Obama with faint praise? Dowd is over the top, but not necessarily so wrong about her personal ambition or emotions.


I haven't read a ton of Dowd's work, but a quick perusal of her archive reveals that she has spent most of this year utterly immersed in the very worst type of political coverage - all meta-political psychobabble and horse race talk, no actual issue coverage. This story is below par even by her standards, but it's not terribly surprising to see.

I agree that the whole premise is completely absurd. To summarize your argument: Hillary is not an idiot.

What do you think of Wesley Clark as VP? With Bill introducing the nominee, and "securing America's future" being the theme of the night, he's getting a lot of buzz. I like him a lot more than Tim Kaine, who was last week's buzz, and almost as much as Kathleen Sebelius.

At this point we know 3 of 4 convention day headliners:
Day 1 - Mark Warner
Day 2 - Hillary
Day 3 - VP (introduced by Bill)
Day 4 - Obama

Deb Cupples


I didn't say that Hillary is smart and selfless -- just smart and savvy and analytical.

In short, your question is based on something I didn't say, so I can't really defend it.

Deb Cupples


I like the way you boiled down my thesis: "Hillary's not an idiot."

I don't know from where any reader would get the idea I was saying that Hillary is selfless.

I hadn't thought of Clark before. It's the best name I've heard to date. I suspect there isn't anyone better.

My impression of Clark si that he's a true progressive. AS VP, he might help counsel Obama toward greater progressivism.

I know I'd actually consider voting for Obama if Clark were on the ticket -- which is saying a lot, given that my beefs with Obama are substantive.

If I could be swayed by clark, I suspect that many others would be too.

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