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August 28, 2008




My wife is a former legislative aide [to Sen. Sarbanes] & invited me to accompany her to a lunch while she worked as an account executive for a major PR firm in DC. Chris Matthews was at the lunch & at the time worked for Tip O'Neill---CM was a charming Irish sweetheart of a guy back then.

Unlike Tim Russert, who always kept his bearings in the maelstrom of DC political tides and currents, CMatthews sadly went south sometime during his Hardball years. I think he succumbed to a touch of BDS & went with the flow. Chris never had a college education & is an autodidact, unlike Russert.

Olberman is simply an obnoxious jerk, as the ENTIRE STAFF of ESPN can assure you. He routinely strains gnats and swallows camels in his support of the flavor of the month on the loony fringes of the left. His personal arrogance is legendary, and it is an ironic cautionary tale how a truly great human being like Russert can die before his time while reptiles like Olberman continue to prosper in the noxious political culture NBC is now becoming.

Matthews is sort of a Brett Favre of politics, the eternal 15-year old, but he's gone from journalism to advocacy in internal Dem politics---more because of expediency than consistency.

At least CM does give an occasional nod to McCain....


I thought Olbermann's "Tokyo Rose" comment was clever. Usually, he is to the Democrats what FoxNews is to the Republicans, way to bias. It was just a comment, these guy have a lot of air time to fill and they are going to have up and down moments. In the end, Wolfson is someone who deserves whatever he gets. Even Hillary's people were not crazy about him.

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