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August 29, 2008


Brett Anthony

You should post this's priceless


I think the pick is a combination of a few factors:

1) As should be obvious from the tone of the two campaigns, McCain is in dire straits and is desperate. A safe pick like Romney or Crist (or Biden, for that matter) can't shake up the campaign. He has to take a risk.

2) In that vein - I think there's a perverse desire here on the part of the Republicans to draw the Democrats into attacking Palin on age and experience. It's risky, obviously, because she's younger and (significantly) less experienced than Obama. But Rove et. al. may be gambling that any day spent discussing experience is a good day for John McCain, even if it's at the expense of his running mate.

3) The obvious Hillary angle - it's an overt effort to appeal to women. Obviously it's working with the more extreme Hillary dead-ender sites, but those were already in the tank for McCain. I don't think she's swinging any committed Democrats that actually look at her positions.


It's become very clear that I was right about #2. I watched a couple talking heads shows last night until they started to make me feel ill and we decided to watch "The Kite Runner" in stead. Great book/film, by the way.

Anyway, the Republicans these shows brought on (all female, not coincidentally) had a very clear playbook when people started talking about how woefully unqualified Palin is:

1) Start talking about how she has more executive experience than Obama.
2) Play the gender card and claim that Palin is being held to a different standard because she's a woman.
3) When in doubt, blather about Hillary and the glass ceiling.

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