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August 24, 2008



Obama sent me an e-mail suggesting that I send a welcome message to Joe Biden. This is what I said:

Welcome Joe.

I hope that you will be pointing out on the campaign trail that the
age of scurrilous, Rovian politics is about to end. The Republican
and neo-con rightwing attack machine must be destroyed along with any chance of its ever resurrecting itself. It needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history, and hopefully a Democratic sweep in November will ensure that things like that become a tarnished legacy of the Bush years and nothing more. Americans need to concentrate on positive issues, not slime, and Karl Rove and his ilk need to be forever banished from American politics.

Eight years of incompetence and greed have nearly destroyed America, and it's time to end the senseless war in Iraq, rebuild America's infrastructure and end the Republican legacy of depression and recession. Franklin Roosevelt put thousands of Americans to work with the National Industrial Recovery Act and similar programs, and a Democratic Administration could propose similar programs to rebuild America's infrastructure, put the unemployed back to work and start to build confidence in the future again.

We also desperately need universal health care for all Americans, tax equity so that the rich won't be the only ones enjoying whatever prosperity finally emerges, and we need to rebuild our military so that we can once again speak from a position of strength when dealing with the bullies of the world.

Good luck with all of those things, since I know that you believe in them quite as much as I do.


Please note that most of the quote you attribute to me is actually Weldon Berger at BTC News.


Go Sarah. Finally, a real woman is headed for the Whitehouse. She is a self-made woman -- bright, energetic, and with great core values.

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