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August 28, 2008



The Obama Campaign's clumsy attempts to exert thought control over the media are not being covered by NBC & CBS or even CNN. Brian Ross is truly a real journalist & is raising a paramount issue. Here is a great quote from a commenter named "punditius:"

I have a Cuban refugee friend who escaped Castro in the early 60s. He told me a few months ago that Obama reminded him of Castro, and was acting the way that Castro did back then. I told my friend that America is not Cuba. But now I am beginning to wonder. Obama's netwing supporters appear to be behaving like internet brownshirts. I expect we'll be having denial of service attacks on pro-McCain websites soon, if they haven't started already. Someone asked earlier in the thread, " "Wouldn't the whole Ayers story need to be 'false' before it's a smear?" The answer to that is no. Negative information about Obama is a smear even if true. That's what the Democratic party has come to since it went off the tracks in the 2000 election. And that is a totalitarian mindset.

I personally knew Bill Ayers and Tom Hayden & other SDS types in the late '60s & they would have heartily endorsed the Gestapo tactics of the Denver police against the accredited press.

The MSM & celebritard apotheosis of Obama is in danger of becoming a complete shambles....

Deb Cupples

I got so sick of media control under GW Bush: the free speech zones, the freezing out reporters who dare ask real questions...

What do do?

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