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August 22, 2008


J Locke

Dropped my son of at UF Monday. Surprised that we saw more McCain bumper stickers than Obama. Most of my son's friends are leaning towards McCain. Of course UF is a public school and not really an elitist place so my guess is McCain just might win Gainesville.


McCain won't win Gville nor Alachua County. The surrounding counties,tho, might be a challenge.
We're not conceding anything.The harder we work here the more likely north Florida will not repeat the trends of past presidential elections. Are you willling to join the fight?


Obama is committing resources to the ground game in Florida, which is nice to see. That said, it's likely that if Obama wins Florida, it will be the cherry on top of a big 315+ electoral vote supermajority, as oppose to the key state that puts him over the top. Other battleground states like Colorado, Virginia, Nevada, and Ohio seem to line up better for Obama's profile of support.

Still, it's important to make a push to get out the vote in every state possible, because:
1) It helps down-ballot Democratic candidates in that state, which is obviously important.
2) It forces McCain to play defense and spread his resources more thinly.
3) There's an inherent good in getting more people involved in the democratic process.

That's more than enough reasons to get involved.

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