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August 03, 2008



One more reason not to use those damned if we needed another!

D. Cupples

bingo, Bill!


1,4-dichlorobenzene is also known as para- dichlorobenzene (para refers to the position of the two chlorine atoms on opposite sides of the benzene ring, sorry). As in "Para" moth crystals, "Para" nuggets, etc. It's in lots of products due to its evaporative and insect repellent properties, not its safety. This and many other problematic VOCs can be detected at low levels using EPA method TO-15 sampling, available from consultants and laboratories ( disclosure: I work for such a laboratory - EMSL)

Deb Cupples


Thanks for the info!

Gloria Spray

I want to know if plug in insect repellents are hazard to humans if used continously.


A very good point, Gloria!


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