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July 04, 2008



You moonbats sure have selective memories.
Or maybe you've just been lying for so long, you actually believe it, yourselves.
Let's dissect this latest tripe from the King of all Tripe, Paul Krugman:

"Al Gore never claimed that he invented the Internet."

This one's easy.
From CNN's Late Edition--March 9, 1999

BLITZER: I want to get to some of the substance of domestic and international issues in a minute, but let's just wrap up a little bit of the politics right now.
Why should Democrats, looking at the Democratic nomination process, support you instead of Bill Bradley, a friend of yours, a former colleague in the Senate? What do you have to bring to this that he doesn't necessarily bring to this process?

GORE: Well, I will be offering - I'll be offering my vision when my campaign begins. And it will be comprehensive and sweeping. And I hope that it will be compelling enough to draw people toward it. I feel that it will be.
But it will emerge from my dialogue with the American people. I've traveled to every part of this country during the last six years. During my service in the United States Congress, I TOOK THE INITIATIVE IN CREATING THE INTERNET. I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country's economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system."

So technically, you moonbats are correct. He didn't claim to invent the internet, say, in some scientific fashion. No, his claim is to have CREATED in god-like fashion the internet, which he took upon himself to bestow to humanity.

" Howard Dean didn’t scream. "
This one really has me scratching my head.
So, let me get this straight...I'm not to believe my on two eyes and two ears?
I did not see and hear what I know I saw and heard? complete context?
Hell, my neighbors, who weren't even watching TV, heard screamin' Dean

"Hillary Clinton didn’t say she was staying in the race because Barack Obama might be assassinated"
No, she didn't come right out and say it in those words, but we all knew what she meant.
But after this gaining of insight into the delusional liberal mind, via this article, I can see how you might not get the insinuation.

Now on Wesley Clark:
His position and his statements do not employ the same logic. And the numerous defenses of his actions show just how addle-brained the typical liberal blogger is.
This is what Clark said on Face the Nation, about McCain:
"He hasn't been there and ordered the bombs to fall. He hasn't seen what it's like when diplomats come in and say, I don't know whether we're going to be able to get this point through or not,"

He almost seems to be arguing that he is, in fact, the better candidate. What else could he mean? He certainly can't claim that Obama has more experience in those areas than McCain does.

When Schieffer reminded Clark that Obama did not have experience in those areas, nor had he "ridden in a fighter plane and gotten shot down.", Clark shot back with
"Well, I don't think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president."

Now he seems to be arguing with himself.
On one hand, McCain doesn't have the right experience, on the other hand, his experience doesn't qualify him.
What?...Hold on..
doesn't..have..experience.. experience..doesn't..matter....nope, that's what he's saying. That's the notion you idiots are defending.
What do they teach in journalism courses, anyway?


Good to get that off your chest, huh? Notice that though you address me as a 'moonbat,' I've refrained from calling you a 'wingnut' in return. Though I have to say, I always find it persuasive when people lead off with an insult.

I am not going to dispute your spinning of the facts point by point because of what McCain said about wrestling.


"Good to get that off your chest, huh?"

Yep..It kinda was. And kudos to you for actually responding. I was almost sure no one would. It wouldn't have to be this way if the NYT would open it's articles to reader comments. But then, you would have (probably) never had the displeasure of knowing MrMeaner's opinion on the whole thing.

"Notice that though you address me as a 'moonbat,' I've refrained from calling you a 'wingnut' in return."

Force of habit. I'm used to being in some pretty heated verbal battles. Actually, moon-bat has become almost an affectionate slur. I think that it's almost cute that people can be so dense. And being called wing-nut wouldn't have bothered me. I've been called much, much worse.

"Though I have to say, I always find it persuasive when people lead off with an insult"'re really taking this moon-bat thing seriously, aren't you?
See, normally I'd say something really snarky, right here. But I will instead offer a sincere apology, if it will cause you to pause, and reconsider the facts surrounding this issue.

"I am not going to dispute your spinning of the facts point by point because of what McCain said about wrestling."

My spinning of the facts?
Well, read the direct quotes. How am I spinning anything? What part of my comment do you dispute?...and why?


And what does McCain's over-use of a good quip have to do with Krugman's lies, and Wesley Clarks' non-sensical line of reasoning?

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