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July 14, 2008



Hear hear. When I see a "new" position from Obama, I go through a sort of three-step evaluation:

1) Is this actually an issue where Obama has taken a clear-cut stance in the past that applies to the current stance?

2) If yes, is his current statement a reversal of policy, as oppose to a restatement of past policies in a new light?

3) If yes, is this change about an issue fundamental to the positions Obama has taken that are important to me?

To wit:

Faith based initiatives, 2nd ammendment supreme court decision, child rape death penalty decision: no to question one.
Iraq, Free trade: yes to question one, no to question two.
Accepting public financing: yes to one and two, no to question three.
FISA: yes to all three.

Of course, you're more than free to be upset about something like Obama's faith based initiative comments. But calling them a flip flop is simply inaccurate, and calling them "tacking to the center" is only true in a rhetorical sense.


Perfectly put. The whole phrase has been used to the point of extinction. Still there are those out there working that farm. Thanks for your perspective.

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