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July 20, 2008


carlos b. camacho

When can American troops be drawn off from Iraq? McCain does not know yet, as there are political and security factors that are classified and he will know when he is in the oval office when his advicers. I think that John McCain, who has been on the verge, on the thin red line where a few have been, is fitter for the task that lies ahead.


We heard a long time ago that Obama told people over there that he wasn't going to pull troops out. But then he said he would begin to bring them our in 16 months. "Only an idiot would think 16 months is a firm timetable."

Obama is playing a game of semanitics so that he can draw people into arguments on semantics and then they can say you are wrong and feel - well self rightoues and indignant.

Obama is the worst kind of politician - the lying kind. He will tell you only what you want to hear that day and never deliver on anything he said. Obama is W term III


If Obama resurrected the dead you'd still say he was just a big old faker. I realize you're angry with him----but the notion that he's not better than McCain in almost every way is just absurd. Well, unless you're a Republican. I think you're probably a Republican and just don't know it yet. In which won't mind that he's undertaking to carry on all Bush's policies.


That's gross Damozel - Give yourself a great big pat on the back for cracking yourself up! LOL

I am voting Republican unless Hillary is tne nominee. And that won't change. So calling me a Republican for this cycle is a burden I'll have to bear. Personally I do know some Republicans that I really love and respect so it can't be all bad. At least I don't have to vote for a man who used a way to get where he is today that I detest.

My conscience will be clear - that's for certain.


I found this page after readiing the latest "conditions on the ground" comments from the McCain camp. Take "victory" and "honor" and tie them up with a little vague-but-sounds-specific phrase like "conditions on the ground" and you have yet another in a long list of excuses used to convince sheepish Amercians that our tax dollars are best spent on a war and on tax breaks for oil companies. Let's turn the page and choose to move beyond this nonsense.

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