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July 02, 2008



While I agree with most of what you wrote, I will quibble on one detail - there is still a chance to stop the FISA bill. 51 senate votes is a non-starter, but 41 votes (or, at least, 41 non-yes-votes) is not. A filibuster is a real possibility, and you can be sure that Dodd and Feingold will try.

It seems like you only watch Olbermann when he's saying things you disagree with - true?



What's your point?

I've told you BEFORE that I abandoned Olbermann months ago, when his campaign cheer leading became obvious to me.

That made him a non-credible source in my book.

This imaginary plan about criminal prosecution is factually flawed and downright dishonest.

What bothers me: some of my non-lawyer friends (smart people) who listen to Olbermann actually bought it -- simply because Olbermann suggested it and because they wanted to believe something positive about Obama's reversal.

So, yes: you're absolutely right. I ignore Olbermann -- unless I get wind that he's said something biased or stupid or wrong, in which case I'll look at it so that I can point out the bias, stupidity or wrongness.

Remember, I used to love watching Olbermann because even though he was more emotional than suits my tastes, he relied on facts. I'm very disappointed in him.


This particular defense of FISA is, in a way, more of an issue than the other things that pissed you off. Because, when he was getting revved up over the Ferraro or RFK stories, at least that was a simple case of bias. This is more of a case of twisted logic, although obviously rooted in bias.

That said, as I've said to you before, I don't see the point of cutting Olbermann off entirely. Watch him, with a critical eye, sure, but why stop watching altogether? There's precious few voices from the left in the MSM, and Olbermann, warts and all, covers a lot of issues that a great many consumers of teeveenews would not see otherwise. He is an important force for the American left.

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