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July 08, 2008



"endless sense of grievance, drearily and endlessly reiterated.". Thanks, this Hillary supporter will file this along with Obama's worry about women wanting a late-term abortion because they're feeling low.

You don't understand. I am at least as afraid of Obama being President as of McCain being President. And I can't remember a worse choice in my lifetime.

Obama has the ego, arrogance, and belief in his being destined to be President as Bush-Cheney combined. He has no experience. Nothing in his life gives me the remotest idea of what he wants to do or of what he would be willing to fight for. He has also shown himself to be just as uninformed about important matters as Bush. (Just listen to his unscripted, un-teleprompted interviews.) That he is a Democrat does not make me any less worried about how such a man will govern.

McCain is a known danger. The question for me is whether I want a wolf in sheep's clothing or a wolf in office?

Second, the new Democratic Congress might (yes, I realize that, given the craven history of the past two years, this is an outside hope) be able to mount and maintain an effective veto on McCain's worst ideas. But with a Dem. President in the White House, it will (esp. if the leadership remains in the hands of Pelosi and Reid) be forced to accept Obama's policies, no matter how Republican they are. (Please note: his econ. advisors are almost all from that wonderful Chicago School of Economics that has run this nation into the ground over the past 30 years.)

Perhaps most important, the media has put so much of itself into getting Obama the nomination, they are unlikely to provide any more effective oversight on Obama than they did on Bush. This might be the nail in the coffin of anything resembling an independent press in this country.

We cannot afford another 4 years of a President whom the Press believe to be beyond criticism.


I am aware of everything you say. I simply have a different view of the matter --- and much more fear of John McCain. I expect to see Obama coming cap in hand to the Dems he has angered. I love Hillary, by the way. She says he's the right candidate, and though --- if you were to look at our blog, you'd see that we had called Obama out for everything you say (including his limiting late term abortions to 'serious mental illness,' which is not the law.) Hillary has made it clear she doesn't intend to oppose Obama, even on issues where he's reversed (such as NAFTA or FISA).

McCain's views are FAR to the right of Obama's, particularly on women's issues. I have little faith in Pelosi, given that she is one of those --- with Rahm Emanuel --- after receiving over 20.000 from the telecoms --- abruptly changed her vote. I don't think she is capable of controlling or directing anything.

And I didn't mean you, of course. I'm sure you don't have an 'endless sense of grievance.'

My piece was mainly directed at progressive supporters of Obama, whom I blame for helping to shove him down my throat.


Is this another "I gotta have it all my way, or no way at all" complainer? What is so hard to understand about the simple fact that not only liberal Democrats vote in the general election. The American public prefers candidates for President that are moderate. Even Bush ran as a moderate in 2000.

Of course Obama has moved to the center. Hillary would have done the same. Edwards, believe it or not, would have to. Or, they would loose the election and liberal Democrats would end up with nothing. 50% of sumtin' is better than 100% of nuttin'.

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