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July 13, 2008



Have you seen these results?


HI Danny,

Thanks for pointing it out.


Hi Deb,

I enjoyed reading your post. I could visualize the scene easily and would have loved to be there too and focused the way you were able to, like a bird perched in a tree above the action below.

The closest I ever came to President Clinton and Hillary was one of there stopovers in AK - it was a beautiful cold snowy evening and a group of about 50 maybe fewer of us stood outside the Anchorage museum of Art to greet them and show support as they came out of a gathering with local Democratic leaders and supporters.
I stood back on a small 2 ft fall above the side walk about 12 ft from the President as he walked the line and shook hands – it was not noisy at all infact I could hear everything he was saying to people like in a living room - so he could hear me easily when I said to him “YOUR’RE AWESOME MR. PRESIDENT!” (I had just turned 30). He looked up at me and said “Thank you! Thank you very much!” very humble and giving with a million watt smile to boot. I was smiled back feelin so good and later like I was walking on air.
It was so very surreal with the snow falling quieting everything down. With Secret Service everywhere but no check points. Then Hillary came out of the museum to get into the car, she was wearing a full length black wool coat – I loved that coat! It was so cold out, but being Alaskan I was used to cold wheather and prepared for it. I was alson jazzed with adrenalin and just how neat it was for me to see the Clinton’s in person. So Hillary was hurrying to the car waving to all of us as she walked out, the back door of the car was opened for her to get in and then I yelled loud enough for her to hear me “WE LOVE YOU HILLRY!” she was already ducking her head and reaching her hand up to hold the door as she maneuvered into the warmth of the car but she heard me and so looked up and saw me not being that far away maybe 35 ft she reversed her momentum to get in and instead stood up turned to me and everyone and with this Smile as Bright as the Sun said thank you and waved. I thought that was extremely nice and showed how great her personality is. It felt so good that we had the President and First Lady Hillary Clinton in the White House! Doing the work of the people for with all of America’s best interests at heart.

Who best to reverse the damage and move this country forward than Hillary? No One.

Glad you are back I enjoy reading your posts. Very informative and well researched with the right amount of emotion.

P.S. On another note.
Donna Brazil endorsed Hillary for VP today on ABC this week?! I about fell over. It was weird how they bleeped out Hillary’s name when Donna said it – The replay was so edited for the West Coast viewers . Did you happen to catch that on the East Coast?
Donna looks haggard – So when I saw that It became very interesting to me that she brought up and discussed that there is in fact the deep divide in the Democratic party. That Democrats are finding it very hard to support Obama! AND then I found it amusing that she thinks that Democrats that don't support Obama now will come around by November? They are severely in denial (complete asshats). I'll never vote for Obama - Can't and won't do it!


Seriously a man running to be president needs handlers to tell him to ditch the gum! Didn't he go to elementary school. Jeez



Brazile actually admitted that Dems are having trouble supporting Obama?


Deb - You'll have to try to watch the replay on line. I cannot remember exactly what she said but that She deffinatley said that Hillary's supporters were not coming around as fast as they thought they would and that some Democratic fundraisers or something to that effect were split or divided in some way - she also said that she was with Jesse Jackson in some way. I don't know what she meant by that (wants some nuts)? I was surprised at her candor admitting that Demcocrats were not getting on board but I have to say she then went right into well it's only a matter of time?! No it's not Donna.


Hey Deb - Alright I was wrong - I guess it was the telephone game I was playing - I repeted what I thought I heard her say.
I went to ABC and watched the replay. What she said was that there are disgruntled Democrats out there who are not coming around because they support Hillary and just in case they want her name thrown in the hat at convention just in case or some shit like that and then goes on to say "I don't know if that will happen." I suppose because this is a changed party and we don't have other candidates on the nominating ballot any longer. Fuck them.

You can watch it here. If you have time or even want to. Other interesting tidbits George Will said that Obama should be doing way better than he is and tehy all thought that Jacksons comments were a "gift" to Obama. HUH? That just does not compute to me. Oh - So if Jackson say's I want to cut Obama's nuts off some how white people will see that as a gap between Jackson and Obama and Obama then looks White enough to vote for?! RETARDS would think like that. Do they really think white democrats are that retarded? I mean really - was this a gift. Please visit the subject and tell me how.


The other thing is the video online is severly edited! You don't get the same show that was on this morning. I think she may have said that the democrats are divided. I do.



thanks for the link!

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