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July 22, 2008



Exactly right, let's not make his age a factor it may gain him sympathy, let's continue to point out that he is WRONG on most issues and WRONG for America.


His age is only a factor, in and of itself, in the sense that there is a real risk of him not being able to finish his term. Men in their 70s with a history of cancer can get suddenly ill, even if they have a clean bill of health at the moment.

The repeated foreign policy gaffes are, again, not a huge issue in and of themselves. What makes them an issue, though, is that McCain's answer to every foreign policy question is one of two things:
1) I was right on the surge and Obama was wrong, or
2) I am a foreign policy expert with vastly more experience.

The first statement is disputable and only marginally relevant even if it is true.

The second, however, speaks to a great arrogance about foreign policy. Obama has a massive foreign policy team hard at work and ready to step in at the state department? Obama's plans on Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan are rapidly becoming conventional wisdom to the point that even Bush is moving towards them? It doesn't matter, says JSM. He's the expert and Obama isn't.

If you're going to hang your foreign policy argument on "don't pay attention to what's actually happening - I'm an expert, damnit", then you can't make mistakes right and left.

Steve Benen has done a nice job cataloging McCain's mistakes:

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