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July 05, 2008



as it is said in the streets
its on like popcorn

happy extended weekend folk


I get the sense that you are missing a key point here. Under the Nonproliferation protocols, Iran has a right to develop nuclear energy in whatever manner it sees fit, as long as it allows reasonable inspections to ensure that material is not being diverted into weapons production. It has fully complied with these requirements. It is following the law.

The phrase "On offer is recognition of Iran's right to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and the treatment of Iran in "the same manner" as other states under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty" is particularly laughable. Iran has the right under existing international law (and indeed was exercising it many decades ago under the Shah). Why would it negotiate to obtain it?

At one point, the IAEA thought they Iran was cheating, because they found traces of highly enriched uranium on the centrifuges. However, further investigation revealed that the uranium was from Pakistani enrichment. Pakistan had sold the centrifuges to Iran. So, no basis to think Iran was cheating.

Sorry to say, Iran is entirely in the right here. There's no doubt in my mind that they will eventually develop a nuclear weapon. After the recent belligerence of the US and Israel, who could blame them?

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