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July 12, 2008


Warren Bonesteel

Good. You've gotten a clue. Now, just keep in mind that no matter who is in the White House, it is Congress that controls the purse strings and the legislation, not the Prez. Democrat or Republican, the Prez gets his own, and very separate, list of blames. With that in mind, a brief Google search will reveal two things: Democrats have controlled the House and Senate for sixty of the last seventy years, thus, they've controlled the actual implementation of most policies and legal matters as well as spending...and a look at FEC campaign finance reports will offer additional clues as to who got what from whom and when. Both sides of the aisle are dirty. It is no longer a matter of left vs right. It is a matter of Americans vs the government. The governmental and ideological meme of dividing and 'conquering' of American citizens must end...or else America will.


Be more patronizing, will you? Good; thanks. Nothing makes me more receptive to an argument than 'Good, you've gotten a clue.'

I have a rather different view than you do.

The dire state of the economy is due to a number of factors, some of which we could have controlled or obviated. But first the Gingriches then the neocons held the wheel and blocked needed reforms, and Bush and the Republican Congress from 2000-06 have been drunk-driving us toward the edge of the abyss. Privatization of functions that the government itself is charged with performing means that tax dollars have gone into the maws of private contractors whose only motive was profit and who have bilked us at of billions (see: war profiteering). Etc. Etc.

My colleague, over time, has tracked factors that have helped lead us to our current state. One thing is insane faith that a lack of controls and a free market will solve our problems and a deranged faith in private industry. We need to step back and look at all the pieces in the picture.

It's not us vs. the government --- or it shouldn't be. The government IS us. But when voters are apathetic and campaign finance allows those with a great deal of money to buy influence --- which is where I agree with you about both sides being dirty --- then the government only represents those with money. And those have been taught that 'enlightened self-interest,' i.e., greed and the will to plunder whatever resources are available, is a virtue.

The system is broken. No argument from me there. But the founders designed it so that it should be able to repair itself.

I don't expect to persuade you, by the way


Wondering if

These bad loans were made worse by lenders trying their best to make loans to illegal aliens? Even now the banks advertise taking a loan to give your fifteen year old daughter a coming out (quinsineta) party!? How ironic. What a stupid thing to borrow money for... and it is still going on. The legal citizens get stuck with the bill while the lenders who made fat cash get bailed out and the illegal goes back to Mexico with a truck load of furniture that we will pay for!

Where is the journalist who will investigate where the money went? Who will uncover and expose the enormous influence these corporate monsters have exerted over OUR government?

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