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July 01, 2008



"No visible signs of trauma." Unless you're using x-ray vision I don't know how anyone would have seen that two smalls bones in his neck were broken before the autopsy. That's why they do an autopsy. You don't rule out anything, including suicide, before you complete an autopsy.


Thin blue,

Thanks for pointing that out. As I said, I have no expertise (I mean absolutely none) in forensic medicine.

I thought there was something weird about the article, but it was really just my lack of understanding. :)


Only the officers and jail officials had access to him whether they did it themselves or whether they allowed another inmate or inmates to do it they are guilty and they should rot in hell, I could care less about how many police officers he killed as muh killing as they are doing. This is something that will continue because now they are being wreckless.

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