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June 28, 2008



First a lukewarm endorsement through a spokesperson, now this??"kiss my ass"? I don't care if he hates Obama, please just don't let it show! I'm losing patience with Bill, I think he's just selfish, he's more upset about what the Obama campaign did to his own reputation than what they did to Hillary. His behavior is undermining Hillary and Obama's effort to heal the rift, he's damaging the party's chance in the election, he's damaging Hillary's VP chance, her standing in the party and her career.

I don't see Bill come around anytime soon, I just hope he will do his sulking quietly and stop telling people how pissed he is. He sounds so angry and bitter, it's just incredible, it's so unlike him.


My main substantive objection to Bill's comments is that he was gripped by the conspiracy-theorist view that every negative statement that was made about the Clintons was coordinated by the Obama campaign. All I've ever asked is that the Obama campaign be judged by the actions of the Obama campaign.

My response to your characterization of McPeak's "McCarthy" comments is in the comments of that post. I stand by them, with the possible exception of the line "nobody will remember stories like this one in a month". ;)

I'm not entirely convinced the Hillaryis44 crowd care about the issues, except insofar as they can use them to criticize other candidates. Even back last fall when Hillary was the overwhelming frontrunner, they seemed far more interested in attacking Obama (about anything and everything) than praising Hillary over anything policy-related. It's sort of shocking to read their archives - the negativity is really nothing new.

Those people (all 311 of them) are not voting for Obama in a million years, and at this point I'm not convinced it has anything to do with Obama.

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