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June 07, 2008



I know! I've been quietly thinking about exactly what you're talking about. Money and ownership of newrooms is affecting the reporting of the 'news' - they're not just report it anymore - they make it up some times! Every one of the media hacks are really desperate money grubbers and they will do anything to keep their money, position, and power. I wish they would get their due. If every one of the 18 million Hillary supporters would turn off their TV (as you have) that would just start to get their attention. They know that Obama loses if they keep bashing the Clintons - and that is what the corporate bosses want, I suspect.

That being said, I'm still in it with Hillary and I'm not going to CHANGE my vote until after the convention in August. Then I'll still have to THINK about who I'll support in November. I hate what Obama and his surrogates and supporters did... they engaged in race baiting and even went so far as to say that Bill, Hillary and Hillary's supporters are racists. I hate even more what Donna Brazile and the rules and bylaws committee did to the Democratic Party last weekend. That was just UGLY.

I am joining P.U.M.A. (Party Unity My Ass) on June 10th - that's right, I am leaving the party - It might be forever, it might be for a year or four - only time will tell. Just to be clear - I am done rewarding behavior like that of the John Kerry or Barack Obama campaign with my vote - I am not going to enable that sh*t any longer!


Hi Danny,

I hear ya! I'm not leaving the Dem party yet, because I want to vote in primaries. If Florida opens the primaries, I will go NPA.

I don't know what I'll do in November, but I too am tired of the DNC's politics (and the media).


I can re-register anytime in my state - just as many Republicans did so that they could vote for Obama. I wonder if he is now courting those Republican votes as McCain is courting Democratic voters? I wonder if Obama's ego will whisper to him that his Republican votes will be there in November?



I've no idea what Obama's strategists will do. God know, I didn't expect them to run such a toxic campaign.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

It'll be interesting, because the RNC has no qualms about hitting the campaign back and hard (unlike the DNC, which seemed rather protective of Obama's campaign).

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