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June 20, 2008


Linda C.

People are really trying to convince themselves that a falsehood is truth. Obama conveniently states that any issue in question is either a misdirection from the issues or the system is broken. If anyone remembers CREEP and exactly why we have public financing knows that this is the political game of buying the election. Don't give me the 527 hype. Obama claims if the other candidates "could reign" in the 527's? 527's are independent of the candidate and by law they can't "reign them in". This is similar to his position that he doesn't take money from big oil companies failing to mention that it is illegal to do so. The blogs are full of calls for dems who are maxed out on the Obama contributions to now contribute to those 527s.

His whole mantra of not taking money from lobbyists is a shell game and a con. He does the republicans proud with his ethics and tactics.

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