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June 27, 2008



Proof that Obama is not a leader but a duck and coverer. :)


HI Danny,

A lot of people are very upset with Obama over FISA, I among them.

One problem still remains: McCain's record.

Both politicians have some votes I agree with and disagree with. What scares me about McCain is the possiblity that he'll try to continue Bush's economic policies (which had more to do with enriching big supporters than shoring up our nation's economy).

Obama has shown some tendencies to sell out similarly.

At this point, despite my justified disgust with Obama, I still haven't yet figured out which politician will likely sell out us ordinary folks more.

What's a gal to do? Fortunately, I have 4 months to research and think and come to a conclusion.


Hi Deb,

I said a long time agao that My vote for McCain is more anti-Obama than pro-McCain. And I've added for my Father in law too. I can live with that. I cannot live with rewarding Obama, no matter how liberal or progressive or big brother Democrat he wants us to see him as (or he is).

I'm glad that you can be patient and decide on a much deeper level than I, who you'll be voting for in 4 months. I already know and it took only about 5 or 6 months of really seeing how horrible intense the Obama people are, they made my blood run cold. Now I'm dead set in how I will vote and not even dear Hillary can change my mind. I do hope that Obama people blame themselves and not Hillary - because they (as democrats) have already done enough to destroy democracy within this party.

It will be amazing to watch how fast all this recent love fest for the Clintons will turn back into the bashing Hillary and Bill Lalapalooza after Obama loses this fall. It can never be the saviors fault and this will only make things worse for the Democratic Party.

Another 40 or so years of Republican rule to look forward too -Because this country is on a binge and cannot see that doing the same things over and over expecting a different result is INSANE. But look at the two candidates. Both losers in my opinion and yes I'm voting for the other loser because I'm pissed and I'm not going to take it anymore from the side I thought I was on. My eyes are wide open and my nose will still be on my face.

I must sound like a crazy Clinton supporter - Hey I am, I am! I still want Hillary to come out of the August Convention the champion of the Democratic Party (is that really that sick to not want to give up on the candidate you sincerely believe to be the best this country offered up this time around)?

Okay I'm Audi - Have a nice weekend!



I don't think you're crazy. I too cringe at the thought of rewarding Obama and the DNC after all they've done in the last year or so.

Doing so would send a terrible signal: you can do whatever you want in the future, and you'll always get away with it, because we'll always fear that the Republican is worse.

FISA (and the disenfranchisement of Florida) are two chilling examples.

I can't criticize Dems who are voting for McCain, because I understand why.

I can't criticize Dems who hate Obama but prefer him to McCain, because I understand why.

You could say that I'm truly torn.


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