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June 03, 2008



The Obama's are racist hate mongers. Thanks for the information, links and a new favorite bookmark.

Deb Cupples


Frankly, I'm not sure if Barack is actually a racist, but his campaign certainly has stirred up hate by accusing others of being racists.

It's terrible.


Well if bloggers in general are not to be trusted wouldn't that include the bloggers supporting Barack as well?

Just askin'.

Deb Cupples

Unless Mrs. Obama has a double standard. :)

Sparky Duck

My My My, as we approach 11 pm EST, what a quiet quiet blog


I don't trust a couple of the blogs I went to daily for almost 5 years. I saw how they turned on Hillary and poured out the HATE for the CLINTONS. They are not in my my good sources of trust at all anymore. I won't even go to their site I boycott them. One thing I have to mention is once about a month ago I just for a minute took a peek in and lurked for about 3 minutes and say some really interesting things. Blog comments were WAY DOWN from even a slow day on their site. AND they both had up the begging for funds thread. I laughed my ass off - because one I know for sure I hadn't seen them ask for money in the threads EVER and the other ask's regularly because he's a money grubbing whore of an x-republican.

I wonder if the glass house will shatter when the "Whitey" video is played for America. If Hillary knows this video exists she should NOT I repeat not drop out of this race.

Undercover Black Man

Deb Cupples: If the Obama campaign has "stirred up hate by accusing others of being racists"... has the Hillary campaign stirred up hate by accusing others of being sexists?

Deb Cupples

Hi Undercover,

IF Hillary had accused Obama of being sexist, then she would have been spreading hatred.

I DON'T think he was sexist (I doubt Michelle would stand for that, and I doubt that Barack's mom gave such an example).

Hillary DIDN'T accuse Obama of being sexist. She accused certain media outlets of it.

Obama's campaign directly accused Hillary of being racist (and her hubby).

That's a pretty important distinction.

Deb Cupples


I too have heard that some of the Hillary-hating blogs have lost a lot of readers. I wonder if it's true.


Finally someone said it! I can't vote for this guy because he gives me the same sort of creeps that W did ever since I found out that I shared a planet with him. At that time I had turned to the chimpy site where it was a bit soothing to see people questioning the same things I was, and coming up with some great commentary and information. I've had to change my "start" page when they started to be way too biased, unfortunately I chose poorly (obamington post). I'm disgusted by the level of argument and the comments made by people on this site.

I used to venture over to the land of the freepers to see what people were gagging over on threads on SC, and find myself in need of a shower afterwards. Sadly, both sites I referred to above in addition the DU make me feel the same now. Any suggestions for a new general non-irritating start page? (And yes, yours is a strong contender)

Buck Naked Politics

HI Blythe,

Thanks for the kind words. What a couple of days it has been.

The Obama campaign got away with a lot (so far), and the DNC did too.

The problem: crap begets crap. You can't fool all of the people all of the time, and you can't get away with stuff forever.

Unfortunately, our nation will suffer somewhat from the karmic fallout.

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