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June 13, 2008



America and democracy in Florida and Michigan got fucked by the rules and bylaws committee. Obama pulled the strigs he loses Florida because he through a tantrum and got his way. The idiot congressman Wexler who put his head on the gillotine for Obama should lose his seat in congress. I would be campaigning against him if I lived in his district. And till a few days ago I recieved and read mail from Democrats and donated to the cause. I'm not in it with the democrats anymore. I'm on the other team now. The team that doesn't vote DemocRAT.


I hear ya, Danny. I'm pretty unhappy about what happened in my state.

Wexler is in Palm Beach or Broward County (I'm not sure which). He's hundreds of miles out of my district, though.


Hey Deb! - Do you think as I do, that Gores endorsment of Obama at this late stage, on a Monday night, with a kind of strange tone and feel to his speach was weird? It came off really spooky to me. I don't think Gore can help Obama anyway - I think the democratic party is starting to feel the heat coming up from below and they are going to pay a heavy price for the cheating and backward way they stole this nomination for Obama. Could you believe that Gore actually said that we believe in elections when so many party democrats have been saying elections don't count that the party chooses it's candidate we don't elect them. My vote doesn't count! That is what I was told by DEMOCRATS. Well they can't have my vote now or in November. They are grasping at straws now having Gore come out and personally having it in Michigan with GORE of all people in Michigan only ads insult to injury. Obama loses the election and all democrats who back Obama will not get a Hillary Clinton vote to save their political hides. Big time LOSERS in my little humble opinion (Big Brown).

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