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June 24, 2008



I disagree.

It's clear that you are less than knowledgeable when it comes to the economy if you think that Obama's policies are so much better than McCain's.

I guess you don't think that free trade is good economic policy: Because Obama is against free trade.

I guess you believe that increasing taxes on American companies is the best way to create and fuel growth: Because that's exactly what Obama wants to do.

As for McCain's comment. I couldn't find it on the fortune site that you linked, so I would have to call it into question on that basis.

But even if he did make that quote based on a question asked to him about the gravest threat to our economy: It makes sense if you look at it as 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the increase in fuel prices; all being a part of the war against Islamic Fascism.


You're not very nice and you play politics of destruction well. No wonder you have abandoned Hillary for Smoke and pretty mirrors Obama. LOL

"for anyone with even a basic grasp of reality"

"He's morphing into the Unthinking Voters' candidate"

Obama is not ready to lead. He say's the above with all the conviction of the cat who swallowed the Canary and then denied it with fingers crossed behind his back.

There are Millions upon Millions of people on this planet who disagree with you about Obama and think actually people who are ready to give up throw in the towel and vote for Obama don't see the reality of the situation at all - He was selected, the rules and bylaws committee cheated and stole the election and we are going to Denver with or without you. We are Democrats we don't let our votes get stolen that easily. by ex-republicans like Arriana, Aravosis and other Obama supporters.


I haven't 'abandoned' Hillary.

Please don't be ridiculous. She's not running anymore and has endorsed Obama. So has Bill.

McCain is not ready to lead either. He's past his sell/buy date. Obama isn't my ideal candidate, but unless Hillary has a miraculous comeback, he's the candidate I'm supporting.

I intend to expose McCain's Bush-like vagueness and failure to grasp even basic facts every chance I get. So get used to it.

I might not like Barry O, but I will NEVER, NEVER forgive the GOP for Bush.

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