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June 23, 2008



I know this is important. I've written my Senators and Hillary Clinton in hopes that they will not support or fillibuster this FISA bill one more time.

I tried to watch Olberman. I can't do it. He makes me physically ill. Too bad - I once liked watching his show. He is nothing but a coward and a poodle for MSNBC. What a disgrace to journalism that guy is. PUKE! Now should I tell you how i really feel. Donna Brazile gives me the same physically ill feeling. I turn them off.


Hi Danny,

I agree with you re: Olbermann and Brazile. But I made myself watch Olbermann to see whether he would flare his nostrils over Obama's recent action.

I mean, Olbermann has been more intensely against Telecom Amnesty than any TV personality I've seen to date.

On one hand, I'm surprised that he didn't slam Obama. On the other hand, I'm not surprised.


Good news on FISA:

So, he is planning a Filibuster. Here's where we start with this:

That's 31 votes; 32 if we add Hillary, who missed the vote. So we need nine more Democratic senators. Some, like Mikulski or Feinstein, SHOULD be relatively easy to pull over. We'll see how this goes.


Thanks for the update, Adam.

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