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« DNC Takes 4 Michigan Delegates from Hillary and Gives Them to Obama -- and Converts 55 Uncommitted Delegates to Obama | Main | Suicide Bomber Kills 10 Outside Baghdad »

June 01, 2008



One wonders what her opinion would be on the Hillary campaign memo supporting the initial decisions in Florida and Michigan, or the Hillary quote where she said "everyone knows these elections they are having aren't going to count", or the Bill line where he said that 50% delegates were fine.

Who am I kidding; I'm sure that's all irrelevant to her. She never says one word about counting the votes or somesuch. To her, it's not about what the voters said or the will of the people. It's about something that was "taken away" from Hillary. "Taken away", because she was entitled to the nomination.

Deb Cupples


You'd have to ask Hillary Christian.

I'm not sure why your tone seems to carry anger. Ms. Christian wasn't talking about you, personally: she's mad at the DNC.

Remember, she just got "ejected" from the room.


This woman from Manhattan is very simply correct. The teacher from NY is also correct. The DNC rules and bylaws doesn't think they need our votes and so won't get them. The Obama campaign has played horrible games with the Democrats ( i won't repeat the talking points that I have heard form them and now they have even stolen votes from Hillary. I have made calls to Montana today - I'm glad to report their are many supporters of Hillary in Montana. But I also had Democrats, two calls tell me all kinds of terrible things about Hillary and when I ask them - after listening to their talking points, if they could now talk about Obama as the Democratic candidate and convince me to vote for him. They stutter and hang up - No one can say anything about him except that a few callers in anger told me that they support Obama or Irock one lady called him.

I will not support Obama no matter what. That say's I'm an American and I'm not going to reward the behavior of his campaign. I do not like a lot of Democrats that I used to, that is for sure. I'm done. I will vote only for the Demcrats that supported Hillary - I will punish the Democrats that supported Obama. Plain like that. Real simple.

Deb Cupples


A lot of people feel the way you do.

Me, I'm going to suspend my judgment for a while -- as I don't have to decide what to do until November.


Well that may be true for you and many others too. We all don't have to make big glaring pronouncements about who'll we'll vote for in November. What I really want people to know is how &*(#%^% angry I am about how the DNC and their little book of convenience dictated by their rules and bylaws committee shit all over the people who voted in FL and MI and by doing that the rest of us. I'm not going to take it anymore. I am not playing the game the DNC likes to play for the small minded people with egos that need to have special treatment and attention for their votes. I can’t vote for another Democrat that supports this kind of cheating. I’m talking about the Obama supporters although now – In addition to all of the lunacy surrounding the Michigan and Florida debacle, many of Obama’s surrogates and supporters have taken to associating me (as a Clinton Supporter) with racism and ignorance, as an uneducated bumpkin, a cheater and a spoil sport. Fine then, I’ll play that out for all of them and for Mr. Obama this fall along with the millions of other disenfranchised members of the Democratic Party. The very same party that has only given us TWO Democratic Presidents in the last 40 years - So I have made up my mind and I understand some people may continue to plug their noses and close their eyes, but I cringed and threw up voting for Kerry. And now do not think I am talented enough to do that again – I’m just too stoopid according to Obama and his ilk.


I too have been called names by obamas people.I will never vote for him.It scares me to think that the hate for the Clintons will bring us Obama.America before party 'hate will bring us all down.

Deb Cupples


I'm sorry to hear that you've been called names. I've heard that from a lot of people.

It is ironic that Obama's "new" politics played a part in creating such division and blind hatred.

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