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June 04, 2008



Oh - that girl is just mad becuase there are so many kossacks in exile. She'll be okay again once Hillary is President and he has to make nice to keep readers and bloggers. May be it isn't working out very well for him over at that dirt rag of a magazine he was hired to work at. OR his medication is not working.


come to think of it - I may need meds myself before this nomination process is over. Because it's not over. LOL


You really wear me out with your scab picking. It was an extraordinary night in American history and all you can do is whine.


A post recognizing how astonishingly historic this moment is in American history would have been more appropriate than dwelling on one careless sentence of Markos Moulitsas.

Deb Cupples


And I'll get to that after I post the election results, which weren't complete when I turned off the computer at 2 or 3 this am.

Note that I posed it at 1:46 am -- while waiting for those results.

Deb Cupples


I responded to your comment via email.


Shaun, Xensen,

Give Deb a break. Her favorite candidate just lost the nomination. She's entitled to be disappointed, and to not be in the mood to celebrate Obama's historic win. Her reaction to Markos's line is no less appropriate than Markos's reaction to Hillary's speech, and she is right that Markos's line was in error.

The only issue I had with Hillary's speech was the brief dip into primary election mode. She dredged up the popular vote argument again and talked about being the strongest candidate. Both points are endlessly debateable, for many different reasons. But I can understand her being stuck in a bit of a primary season mindset after the grind she's been through.

I don't care that she didn't concede yesterday. What matters is HOW she concedes, not when.

There a long time for party healing between now and November.

Deb Cupples


Thanks so much.

And let me point out to others reading this comment that Adam is a BIG OBAMA supporter, who has been chatting (and debating) with me for months.

Incidentally, after responding to the negative comments this morning, I managed to get a post up about last night's results.

Disappointment wasn't really what kept me from doing it last night: I was wanting to write ONE post that combined the magic numbers with the election results.

In fact, I wrote the Markos post while waiting for 100% of Montana to come in. They came in after I shut down the computer.

I figured it was safe to post about it first thing this morning. Apparently not.


Unfortunately Obama and his supporters are all about hate. They have nothing positive to say about him so they tear down everyone else. They hate Hillary Clinton because she dared to run against him. She did not just hand him the nomination that he feels entitled to. Why do we have to work for what we want and he should have it handed to him (or if we are honest, what was stolen and given to him) If it was just a couple of his supporters the hate was coming from, it could be dismissed, but it is a good 95% (no matter where you go). The hatred coming from his supporters tells you alot about Obama. Obama is the democrats version of George Bush. Democrats critized Republicans for being fooled by George Bush and turn around and vote for the same kind of guy. Will we never learn.

Deb Cupples


I too have noticed a few parallels between Obama and GWB -- in terms of how they deal with the public, I mean.

They both spin issues and outright mislead the public simply because it suits their agendas. Though not overtly, I suspect that they both encourage a viciously bellicose attitude from supporters, because that's what we've seen.

What's most unnerving to me is that many media outlets have fostered those tactics in Obama the same way they did a few years ago re: Bush.


How sad it is to read someone write that "Obama and his supporters are all about hate." Did you not see the faces of the crowd in Saint Paul last night? I am filled with sorrow that someone could utter such a statement.

If you look at my comment above you will see that it was mildly worded and in my judgment not inappropriate. Moreover, Deb has since addressed the issue it raised, so that is resolved as far as I'm concerned.

I cannot understand such reckless rhetoric.

Buck Naked Politics


Of course it's unfair to say that all of Obama's supporters are about hate. I've had great interactions with many of them, despite our having supported opposing candidates.

Some of them, however, really do talk as though they are expressing hate.

Here's a bizarre account that might interest you (from a Hillary supporter):

At this blog, I definitely went after things that Obama and his campaign said and did, but I refrained from going personal or using hateful insults.

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